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New Tires Wanted

new tires wanted

    new tires
  • Well, they were new when I put them on five years ago. Ignore the dry rot and they almost look new; hey, they still hold air.

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New Rivendell Bleriot Assembly

New Rivendell Bleriot Assembly

This is a time-lapse movie of me assembling my new Rivendell Bleriot. I suppose it's not really time-lapse, since it was really just sped up using iMovie on a Mac. It ends a little abruptly because the video camera ran out of battery as I finished pumping up the tires.

I wanted to do more with this movie, but iMovie crashed on me taking the entire movie project with it (many Apple software packages auto-save as you work -- not iMovie, apparently). Luckily, I'd exported a version to test before it crashed -- this version is all I have left :-(.

This is my second Rivendell (the other is a Quickbeam). Rivendell does an amazing job packing a bike for shipment. They did leave out a few parts, such as the seatpost and saddle (which also happened with my Quickbeam), but what was there went together without a hitch, and everything was adjusted to near perfection.

Once I get the bike completely set up there will be bike porn.

check that off the list 258/ 365

check that off the list 258/ 365


i got a lot done today. which is different from the other days this week. it's like i got a jolt of red bull or something.

so today I attempted to spend the most money a girl can spend in one day ;)

I got my hair did, and i needed some product.
I got four new tires on the van.
I had Gus's breadsticks!! yum
I got my 365 done before sunset (thank you business people for not thinking i am a total nut.)
I mowed the yard.
I got an oil change for the van.
I attended the middle child's open house.

man, i'm whipped. and a lot poorer than when i started the day ;) but that was a lot off the checklist, so.... there is something to be said for that!!

new tires wanted

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