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Car Tyre Retailers

car tyre retailers

  • (retail) be sold at the retail level; "These gems retail at thousands of dollars each"

  • (retailer) a merchant who sells goods at retail

  • (retailing) the activities involved in selling commodities directly to consumers

    car tyre
  • A tire (in American English) or tyre (in British English) is a ring-shaped covering that fits around a wheel rim to protect it and enable better vehicle performance by providing a flexible cushion that absorbs shock while keeping the wheel in close contact with the ground.

Johnny Comet

Johnny Comet

Suspended Animation Classic #856 First published May 22, 2005 (#21) (Dates are approximate)

Frank Frazetta’s Johnny Comet
By Mark Allen

Frank Frazetta’s Johnny Comet, published by Eclipse Books, 222 pages, $14.95.

Race cars! Big, bad palookas! Fixed races! Sabotage! Action and adventure! Getting tired of the exclamation Points? Too bed! Frank Frazetta’s Johnny Comet is chock full of ‘em, as well as all of the above! A collection of early newspaper strips, it may not be the average comic book reader’s cup of tea; to the average reader, I would say “Try a different kind of tea.”

Johnny Comet is a race car driver who manages to get into all kinds of scrapes and adventures, most of which have to do with girls and racing. The stories, though not deep, are a lot of fun to read, and a quaint picture of an earlier, simpler time. Though opinions differ on who actually wrote the strip, 1925 Indianapolis 500 winner Peter DePaolo was credited.

The most enjoyable aspect, however, is not the story, but the art work. Frank Frazetta, known not only for his comics work, but his fantasy work as well, has gained a great deal of notoriety over the decades, with his work adorning comic strips, comic books, novel covers, and even museum walls. His work on Johnny Comet stands out, to me, because of his mastery of the human form; the man knew his anatomy. His leading man was handsome and muscular, exuding confidence and self-assurance. His leading women were beautiful, voluptuous, and charming as all get out, and without a hint of vulgarity. Talk about a rare thing in comics today!

Interesting, as well, is the fact that these realistic, anatomically-precise lead characters shared their “space” with comedic supports which were drawn much more “cartoony”, if you’ll excuse the expression. Frazetta’s talent was such that he could draw such distinctions between characters, and none of them seemed misplaced. Talent in abundance!

Johnny Comet is highly-recommended for all readers. Find it at comics shops, comics conventions, and online comics retailers.

Day 69: A Lovely Evening With A Lovely Person

Day 69: A Lovely Evening With A Lovely Person

Today turned out to be quite the eventful day. Whilst driving to Harrisburg to meet my dad for lunch, I heard a strange *thup*-ing sound coming from the side of my car. As the sound became more frequent and louder, I decided that pulling off at the next exit would be wise. I obliterated a tire somehow! Like, sidewall torn away from the tread, smoking holes popped in the side... it was pretty epic. Honestly, it was frustrating at first, but a total blessing from God in that, my power steering has a leak and I was planning on waiting to get it fixed until after I get paid for the musical, but before that happened I was going to be driving to Georgia to visit my friend Samara. I firmly believe the punctured tire which forced me to take my car to the shop was a sign that I needed to stop dicking around and fix the problems at hand. But as I was fixing my tire, I got a call from the high school saying I needed to meet with the principal that afternoon. Being called to the Principal's office is not any easier when you're 26. Then, I finally made my way home on back roads going under the speed limit on the spare tire, and I get a call from an online retailer telling me that the stuff I ordered for the musical several weeks ago is STILL on backorder and wouldn't be there in time for the show. Then, after walking to school, my phone died, thus preventing me from getting the call from the garage until I was walking home.

It was a pretty rough hour.

But when I got home, I grabbed my bag and headed to Gina's apartment for some good, old fashioned hanging out. I convinced her to watch Man On Wire (the best documentary ever) and after a bit of protesting about not wanting to watch it, she quite enjoyed it, making it the first time I've ever won something in our friendship. Sadly, her hand is covering up the fact that her eyes were glazed over from sleepiness when this picture was taken. It was quite hilarious.

Rough start, but a brilliant ending!

car tyre retailers

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